Private Intensive Harp Camp with Motoshi Kosako 

 “Holistic experience of creative life in private country farm” 

  I am offer harp lessons with accommodation and meals at my family owned farm located in beautiful Sierra foothill in California. You can learn creative music skills such as improvisation, arrangement and composition in relaxing country environment. 

 Music is not coming from just technique and knowledge. It is coming from who you are and what you have been experiencing in your life. My wife Tera and I chose to pursue a holistic life style in rural country side that may help us learn the process of creation and harmonious way of existence from nature. We verified the life style developed close to nature is beneficial for our health in body and mind, and nourishes our productivity. 

 I am hoping a few days of close interaction with nature will awake your sensitiveness to the impressions and enrich your experience in your daily life. 

 We are looking forward to share our country life experiences with you! 

 Motoshi Kosako: Harpist, Composer, RN, Public Health Nurse, 2nd degree Judo black belt 
 Terra Kosako: Thai Massage Therapist, Clinical Herbalist, Health consultant 

Number of Attendee: 
  Maximum capacity: 2 harpists at a time. If you want bring your family member, a family of 4 can be accommodated. 

Yuba County, California, USA (detail information will be provided for confirmed attendee) 
  Our farm is at 1800 feet elevation with 10 acres wild forest and 5 acres farm. We are developing permaculture farm with vegetable garden and various live stocks such as pigs, chickens and goats. We also have 7 large guardian dogs(Great Pyrenees),1 medium size dog(Border Collie)  and 5 house cats. 

 CAMAC concert grand pedal harp 
 36 strings lever harp   

2 days +1 night intensive private harp camp including two 90 min lessons and 1 overnight accommodation with 2 fresh farm meals(dinner, breakfast and lunch) 
$400 / person 

3 days + 2 nights intensive private harp camp including  four 90 min lessons, 2 over night accommodations with fresh farm meals (2 dinners, 2 breakfasts and 2 lunches) 
$700 / person 

Additional Family Member(no harp lessons) : $100/ day 

90 minutes Thai Massage: $100 

 This plan is general idea of how the day goes. The actual schedule can be catered to your personal needs and interests. 
2 days intensive harp camp: 
 1st day 
     Afternoon : 
           Arriving, Harp lesson (90min), Nature and Farm experience(optional) 
     Evening : 
           Dinner /discussion / jam session etc 
 2nd day 
      Morning : 
            Breakfast, Farm chore(optional), Exercises, Harp lesson (90min) 
            Lunch / discussion, Leaving 
3 days intensive harp camp: 
 1st day 
     Afternoon : 
           Arriving, Harp lesson (90min), Nature and Farm experience(optional) 
     Evening : 
           Dinner / discussion / jam session etc 
 2nd day 
      Morning : 
           Breakfast, Farm chore(optional), Harp lesson (90min) 
            Lunch, Harp Lesson (90min) 
            Dinner / discussion / jam session etc 
3rd day 
      Morning : 
            Breakfast, Farm chore, Harp lesson (90min) 
            Lunch / discussion, Leaving, Leaving 

Lesson subjects: 
Attendees can choose the subjects of their interest for harp lessons. Here is some examples of subject. 

 General harp techniques 
 Jazz harp techniques 
 Practice method 
 Motor skills for preventing injuries and improving techniques 
 Mental skills for performance and practice 
 Basic harp regulation 

 We provide accommodation in a camp trailer in woods with kitchen and bathroom or a guest room close to the main house. 

  We provide home made meal using as much our seasonal farm produces as we can. If you have any extreme dietary restriction, we may not be able to cook for you. If that is the case, you need to prepare your own food, however you are welcome to use our farm produces for your cooking. 

 Attendees need to contact Motoshi and make an appointment with him based on his availability.


Payment option: 
1)Deposit half amount upon the reservation, and pay the rest 30 days before the reserved date 
2)Pay full amount upon the reservation 
Payment method: 
Credit card 
Sending a check payable to Motoshi Kosako by mail. 
Direct Depositing to the bank account 

Cancellation Refund Policy: 
15~30 days: half refund 
15 days or less: no refund