Spiritual Mountain

Harp & Marimba Duo album "Spiritual Mountain" features Miki Matsushima(marimba) as guest artist and presents Motoshi Kosako's original compositions with unique sound combination of those rather unique instruments. The selection of compositions cover wide range of style of music from modern jazz, latin jazz to Hymn, Oriental style music.

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Studio 92

Motoshi Kosako's solo harp selection featuring his originals and traditional song such as "Amazing Grace", "Oh Shenedoah" and "Danny Boy".


Night Time Jazz harp

Harp & Guitar Duo with guitarist Akio Sasajima. Original compositions as well as all time jazz standards such as "Stella by starlight" "When I fall in love" "Some other time".


Best of Motoshi Kosako Jazz Harp

Motoshi Kosako's best album, featuring his duo with Paul McCandless, another duo with Akio Sasajima and his trio with Bill Douglass and Daryl van Druff.

Place in the heart

Duo with Grammy award wining artist, Paul McCandless(oboe, English horn, soprano sax, bass clarinet)

1.Inner Nature
2.Night follows the day
3.Unopened gift
4.Waltz for Terra
6. Babbling of drunkard
7.Barking at the moon
8.Idle talk
9.Spanish  Stairs (MacCandless)
10.No sure sense
11-12. Place in the heart

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On the way home

Solo harp works by Motoshi Kosako
1.On the way home
2.Danny Boy (trad.)
3 Alcyon
4.Gentle Rain
5.Oh Shenandoah (trad.)
6.Some blues
7.Moon in the heaven, Rose in the heart
8.Foxing hour
9.One or Eight
12Amazing Grace (trad.)

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Naked Wonder

Jazz harp trio  with Bill Douglass(bass) and Daryl van Druff(drums). All original compositions.

1.Naked Wonder
2.Income of pain
3.Waltz  for Terra
4. Barking at the moon
5.Stuck in a nowhere town
6.Night follows the day
7. Voyage without end
8.Petals will fall
9.Babbling of drunkard
10.Inner Nature

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Celestial Harp Vol 1 & 2

Solo classical harp music selection recorded in 2002~2003.
Classical harp solo reperetories by Hasslemans, Pierne, Saint-seans, Dussek and John Thomas,  and well appreciated classical compositions by Debussy, Satie, Tchaikovsky, Puccini, Bach, Rimski-Korsakov and more.

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