“Motoshi Kosako, a Japanese native whose introspective soloing was reminiscent of Keith Jarrett.”” - Harp Column
“Kosako plays with fluid, modern style that evokes Keith Jarrett and Chick Corea.” ” - Sacramento Magazine
His sincere attitude of pursuing a thoughtful and self sustainable life style in his small farm possibly makes him stand out from  majority of musicians who live in city and depending on the music industry. His talent hasn’t yet been given enough recognition, however I am looking forward to see him recognized not only as a talented harpist, but also a pioneer of the completely new way of  music expression.” - Jazz Tokyo 2013
One of only a handful of master oboists playing jazz, McCandless ——finds lyrical melodies in a dozen compositions by Kosako, a former guitar player who turned to the harp in 1999 to break away from the pack of great guitarists in order to find his own way of writing and improvising on the harp, not the kind of instrument you find in your average jazz group. "Place in the Heart" works as a CD you might put on to help you relax or meditate, but serious listeners will surely find themselves endlessly surprised by the improvisational twists and turns these two take. ” - Marin Independent Journal
"Mostoshi Kosako has developed a loyal and passionate following for his Sunday morning jazz harp performances at our local cafe.  His music brings an immediacy to the moment, even in the midst of a Sunday morning brunch.  With Motoshi in the room, you are brought deeply into whatever experience you are having - this is a gift unsurpassed, and is the hallmark of a truly skilled musician.  Almost everyone who has heard Motoshi play has come back to hear him again, simply for the experience he brings to the room."  ” - Amy Cooke, Owner, Summer Thyme's Bakery & Deli (Live music venue)
“Motoshi Kosako’s harp music is not only a unique blend of beauty and  jazz - but music  that goes straight to the heart.  It is innovative and of course, simply beautiful. From playing in the beauty of nature under a Juniper tree to a world class stage at Lake Tahoe, each performance was magical.”” - Nancy Tieken Lopez, Artistic Director of Trails & Vistas
"Motoshi Kosako does more than impress, he shatters your idea of what you think the Full SIZED Pedal Harp would sound like! Beyond Jazz or Spanish style, beyond Classical, Motoshi's works are improvisational masterpieces. His idea of trying something new is building a rocket ship just for the experience! So glad you're coming to experience music like you've never heard on one of the largest harps you'll ever see by the man labeled as the most remarkable jazz musicians. Motoshi has produced and released many albums, is a 2nd degree Judo black belt, holds a BS in Health Science and Nursing, builds his own greenhouse today, bakes his own bread the next, a composer, published health science researcher in Science of Public health in Japan. REMARKABLE!”” - Rene Lauderback, owner of Mountain Music Parlor (Live music venue)
“Motoshi (Kosako) and Paul (McCandless) together at Blue Line Arts was simply magical-- they take you to a place of musical bliss. The chemistry between the two of them is contagious and truly dessert for your ears. What a wonderful venue to illuminate these 2 amazing artists Art featuring art--a win-win any way you look at it.”” - Valerie V, Jazz Vocalist/Booking Agent/Music Promoter
“I promote many music events, and after some experience I have come up with a formula for success.  The first act I invite is Motoshi Kosako.  I offer him any date in the series before I contact other musicians.  Fans have good reason to ask for his return, because the spirit that comes across on stage is the one he exhibits in life.  Motoshi is the most genuine musician I know.”   ” - Gordon Rowland (Concert promoter)
I am pleased to provide this recommendation for Motoshi Kosako. He is a brilliant harpist who gave a wonderful performance for our concert series in April 2O!9. I am the president of the Los batos Community Concert Association in Los Gatos, California and our annual concert series has been presented continuously for over 70 years. We always have our eyes and ears open for talent from the local area and it was serendipitous that I encountered Mr. Kosako. He was exactly the type of performer that we want to present in our concert series. I was first introduced to Mr. Kosako at an annual harp students recital in 2O17 where he was the guest performer. I had never heard or seen a harp played as he did. I was so surprised and impressed with his interesting and innovative performance that I contacted and invited him to be a part of our concert series. Fortunately he agreed and we were thoroughly entertained by his performance of classical, folk and jazz works on a solo harp. Mr. Kosako is an extraordinarily musician, who also engages the audience. He uses his instrument in surprising ways. He plays with energy that excites the audience. He is very personable and well spoken, and interacts with the audience in a very informative and entertaining fashion. And he is a composer and presents some of his wonderful original pieces in his program. Mr. Kosako was a pleasure.to work with. He was accommodating with his time and schedule. His requirements were very reasonable. He was responsive to the association and the audience, readily talking and signing autographs at intermission and after the performance. ” - Kevin Hayashi, Los Gatos Concert association

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