Motoshi Kosako does more than impress, he shatters your idea of what you think the Full SIZED Pedal Harp would sound like! Beyond Jazz or Spanish style, beyond Classical, Motoshi's works are improvisational masterpieces. His idea of trying something new is building a rocket ship just for the experience! So glad you're coming to experience music like you've never heard on one of the largest harps you'll ever see by the man labeled as the most remarkable jazz musicians. Motoshi has produced and released many albums, is a 2nd degree Judo black belt, holds a BS in Health Science and Nursing, builds his own greenhouse today, bakes his own bread the next, a composer, published health science researcher in Science of Public health in Japan. REMARKABLE!” - - Rene Lauderback, owner of Mountain Music Parlor (Live music venue)

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[イベント内容] アラスカの大自然を撮る写真家松本紀生と、アメリカで自給自足をしながらジャズハーピストとして活躍する古佐小基史によるフォトライブ&ハープ演奏のコラボ企画。小学校の同級生同士の二人による息のあったコラボです。

[日時] 10月27日(日)開場13:00 開演14;00

[会場名] 南海放送本町会館テルスターホール

[会場住所] 松山市本町一丁目1−1

[料金] 一般2000円 高校生以下500円

[お問い合わせ/予約連絡先] 090−4505−2158(能智)

[主催] オーロラの夕べ実行委員会 

[協賛] 松山市中央倫理法人会 





[イベント内容] 「音と気の時間」古佐小基史のジャズハープと観月環のクリスタルボウルと朗読。和気道メソッドで気を高める極意

[日時] 10月24日(木)開場12:30  開演 13:00

[会場名] 楽器堂オーパスクラブライラホール

[会場住所] 高知県高知市秦南町1-4-8イオンモール高知3F

[料金] 2000円

[お問い合わせ/予約連絡先]  /080-1520-0007